The implementation of any new technology into your IT environment will have a significant impact. But, will it work well? Will it grow with the business? Will the transition be smooth from the current system? Will it lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? When planning new installations or upgrades it can often be difficult to obtain good, unbiased advice. We bring over 20 years of industry experience to offer sound and intuitive advice from an independent viewpoint.

K18 Network Services Ltd. approach the selection of products and equipment from a current and projected needs perspective. An understanding of the market dynamics in the supplier market enables us to short list the right manufacturers for your project.

K18 Network Services Ltd. can also provide bespoke solutions to meet requirements of any magnitude and complexity. The Consultancy team, will research products, methods and new technology to fulfill almost any requirement.

Maximize the value to your business by leveraging our investment in people and our project experience and:

  • Ensure your IT architecture meets industry ‘best practice’;
  • Ensure your systems are well documented;
  • Implement your project to time and budget.

K18 Network Services Ltd. has experienced, qualified technical consultants and project managers to help with your project justification, design or deployment. Our consultants can design your new infrastructure, or design a migration methodology to upgrade the existing network structure. Our project managers help you plan and manage the whole life-cyle of your design or deployment.